Garden Sculptures

When and if you decide to decorate your landscape with a garden sculpture, consider it your opportunity to have artistic fun with your garden. When it comes designing a landscape, a piece of artwork is what demonstrates your personal design style and artistic interest. Use a garden sculpture as a complement to your plantings and landscape design or you can even use a specific piece of garden art as a focal point as you design your landscape.

When considering a piece of garden art, ask yourself these questions to help you pick out the perfect sculpture for you.

How much do you want to spend?
Cost is the ultimate determent when it comes to selecting garden art. Garden sculptures are available at all price points so once you have come to terms with price, the pieces will start to distinguish themselves.

Where will you place the statue?
Is this piece going to be the focal point of a courtyard or scattered along a path?, Is your garden pocket-sized or a grand estate?. The amount of space that you allocate for your statue should help you decide which size garden statue to buy and the location that you intend to have your statue will help you decide which style as well. If you're looking to decorate a lawn, consider some oversized garden spheres. Decorative trellises would complement a field of flowers nicely. For a more formal courtyard or parterre, perhaps a one-of-a-kind sculpture or ornament.

How to decorate with garden sculptures?
Garden sculptures are available at all price ranges and in all styles. Make the decision a personal one. Carefully collect and curate pieces to create your own outdoor sculpture garden. Garden sculptures are also commonly used as religious symbols for outdoor meditation or prayer and even good luck. Garden sculptures are fun hidden distractions that reveal your personal preferences and tastes in a way that vegetation and landscape doesn't. It can even reflect the decor of the interior of your house.

How do I care for my statues?
Depending on the material you select for your garden sculpture, there should be no real maintenance at all. These pieces are designed to withstand outside conditions, and the materials reflect that. For the most part, a high pressure wash with some mild soap is all that is necessary in order to cleanse the statue of dirt or other build up that may accumulate.